XP technology is a rapid development environment. It will run anywhere PHP runs, Windows, Linux, Unix, MacOS, on your desktop PC, on your enterprise application cluster and on your hoster's webserver.

It's BSD-licensed, that means it's completely free to use, to copy, to extend, to modify and even to redistribute.

I would like to:

Use software written in XP

XP::Forge provides a growing number of ready-to-run applications and APIs such as Google Search, Flickr,, Simpy, Java Webstart and Microsoft Office automation written using XP technology. If you want to use and/or contribute, here's the place to do so!

Use XP to create an application

See how the framework can help you complete common tasks, from database-driven websites, command line utilities, unittests, standalone daemons, XML and image processing, how it works in a heterogenous environment with its integration into the J2EE™-world via native application server support or web services implementations, and how it can even create graphical interfaces. Learn more about the XP Framework here.

See what's next

XP Technology is constantly being extended and enhanced. Be part of the evolution here.

Technology blogs

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